Only in a place this down to earth could you find such an elevated way of life and an authentic sense of camaraderie – the exact
opposite of “someplace I’d rather be.” Members here are drawn together regularly by an almost overwhelming array of social
activities and programs that inspire true connection and purpose.

Our lifestyle is about living life to the fullest. That means an activities calendar that consists of book clubs, card-playing groups,
fishing trips, go-kart racing, theater and dinner trips, dance parties and galas, art exhibitions and festivals, fitness classes,
automotive enthusiasts club, and even a university-style education and lecture series…and that’s just Tuesday.


There is a special kind of delight found in a spirited match of croquet or bocce among friends – inherently social and incredibly
enjoyable, especially when played on our state-of-the-art croquet lawn and manicured Bocce courts.


In addition to opportunities to come together in a variety of educational, literary, artistic, and social activities, The Oaks Club supports
a strong culture of giving back to the community at large. Our members regularly gather in support of local charities, philanthropic
projects, and scholarship funds – inspiring fashion shows, holiday boutiques, auctions, and more. We’re also home to a variety
of committees and special interest groups, including one of the largest and most active Women’s Clubs in southwest Florida.